Polarity Partnerships

The Polarity Approach to Continuity and Transformation (PACT)

See Chronic Issues & Strategic Opportunities More Completely
Identify Desired Results to Achieve & Negative Consequences to Avoid
Measure Key Stakeholders' Experience
Inform Decisions & Actions with Quantitative Data & Qualitative Analysis
Develop Strategies that Adapt with Your Changing Realities

In today's world of increasing complexity and polarization, high performing leaders, teams and organizations must be able to solve problems AND leverage Polarities (interdependent values, competencies and strategic objectives ). Polarity Thinking™, Polarity Maps®, and the Polarity Assessment™ are the most robust suite of resources & tools available to help you achieve your preferred future faster and more sustainably.

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The Polarity Resource Portal's Public Library of Polarity Maps® Describe Universal Interdependent Values, Competencies and Strategic Objectives that Individuals, Teams and Organizations Must Leverage to Achieve and Sustain Success

Care for OrganizationANDCare for Community Challenge/Conditional RespectANDSupport/Unconditional Respect
Data-driven DecisionsANDPeople-driven Decisions ContinuityANDTransformation
DecentralizeANDCentralize DecentralizingANDCentralizing
Employee InterestsANDOrganization Interests IndividualANDTeam
MarginANDMission OrganizationANDCustomer
Short TermANDLong Term TasksANDRelationships
TeamANDWhole Organization WorkANDHome
External FocusANDInternal Focus PlannedANDEmergent
RealitiesANDPossibilities CentralizeANDDecentralize
Desire to Stay the SameANDDesire to Change DirectingANDEmpowering
Directive BPRANDParticipative BPR HorizontalANDVertical
Information SecurityANDInformation Sharing Manual ProcessesANDAutomated Processes
New TechnologyANDExisting Operations On Site SupportANDRemote Support
Organization ExpertiseANDConsultant Expertise Organization Managed UpdatesANDCloud Driven Updates
StandardizedANDConfigurable Advocating for What You BelieveANDInquiring About What Others Believe
Combining the Best of Your Past & PresentANDEnvisioning Compelling Future Possibilities Knowing the Outside Of Your OrganizationANDKnowing the Inside Of Your Organization
Planning for Your FutureANDBeing in Your Future Now Providing DirectionANDInviting Participation
Organization Achieving Its Full PotentialANDPeople Achieving Their Full Potential ContinuityANDTransformation
Feeling CompetentANDFeeling Challenged Insight from PastANDForesight into Future
Participant's ExpertiseANDFaculty Expertise ProvenANDCutting Edge
TheoryANDPractice Polarity TheoryANDPolarity Practice
CandorANDDiplomacy ConfidenceANDHumility
Give FreedomANDHold Responsible IntentANDImpact
Swift Decision MakingANDInformed Decision Making TacticalANDStrategic
Anticipate Customer NeedsANDRespond to Customer Feedback Develop OthersANDEducate Yourself
Equip PeopleANDManage Costs Give FreedomANDHold Responsible
Unconditional CaringANDConditional Respect Cost of ServiceANDQuality of Service
Individual CompetencyANDTeam Competency Medical CareANDWhole Person Care
Part -VerticalANDWhole - Horizontal Patient SafetyANDStaff Safety
Patient SatisfactionANDStaff Satisfaction Standardized CareANDIndividualized Care
TechnologyANDPractice Academic AchievementANDWhole Child Achievement
Academic Achievement 2ANDWhole Child Achievement My School TeamANDThe Whole School
Parent AccountabilityANDSchool Accountability Student DirectedANDTeacher Directed
Unconditional CaringANDConditional Respect CallANDDuty
Easy ProcessANDChallenging Process IndividualANDCommunity
InreachANDOutreach ManagementANDLeadership
NurtureANDTransformation Spiritual HealthANDOrganizational Health
Strong Clergy LeadershipANDStrong Lay Leadership TraditionANDInnovation
Ruler/ConductorANDMagician/Change Agent Hero/AchieverANDCaregiver/Support
Revolutionary/TroubleshooterANDCreator/Innovator Care for SelfANDCare for Others
Sage/ThinkerANDJester/Wit Explorer/PioneerANDLover/Connector
Everyperson/LoyalistANDInnocent/Idealist SensingANDIntuiting
ThinkingANDFeeling ExtroversionANDIntroversion
JudgingANDPerceiving Assertive in ConflictANDCooperative in Conflict
Centralized FocusANDDecentralized Focus My CultureANDCulture of Others
"Or" ThinkingAND"And" Thinking Personal Meaning (Inner Game)ANDIndividual Behavior (Outer Game)
Personal MeaningANDCulture/Shared Values Culture/Shared ValuesANDSystems and Processes
Individual BehaviorANDCulture/Shared Values RealityANDFaith
Grounded/RealisticANDFaith/Optimism Individual BehaviorANDSystems/Processes
Personal MeaningANDSystems and Processes Develop Existing TalentANDAcquire New Talent
Problem FocusANDScale Focus Continuity (Indiv.)ANDTransformation (Indiv.)
Coach as SupporterANDCoach as Challenger Polarity TheoryANDPolarity Practice
Action/DoingANDContemplation/Being Self CareANDCare for Others

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